Ilma International Girls’ School (IIGS) is, and will always remain, a ’Not-for-Profit’ organization. Madam Rasheeda Mohideen’s aim and vision for this school included helping to educate Muslim girls to harness their potential regardless of where they came from or how much they could afford.

Bursaries are available to students of all grades, from the junior school right up to the senior school. Parents/Guardians who face financial difficulties are given an opportunity to seek help from IIGS, to continue their education at school. The need to provide the financial help that students require, to be educated at IIGS, necessitated the establishment of the Zakath and Sadaka Funds.

It is envisaged that these Funds will also provide the basis of a “need-based” Scholarship Scheme for students of IIGS.

The Funds entertain voluntary donations in the form of an endowment, which is dedicated, by a person, male or female, to Allah to educate the Muslim girls who attend IIGS.

The reasons that the said Funds have been established are that they:

  • Provide financial assistance to deserving students to receive education at IIGS;
  • are a revival of a Sunnah;
  • Is a Sadaqah Jarriyah (on going and recurring charity and benefit);
  • Is a legacy for the future;
  • Empowers the community;
  • Provides a community capital charity base to educate Muslim girls;
  • Is a “beautiful loan to Allah”

IIGS invites you to make a contribution to its Zakath and/or Sadaka Funds through a:

  • Percentage of your income on a regular monthly basis.
  • Lump sum – a one-off contribution.

All those who wish to contribute to the Ilma Scholarship Fund are kindly invited to draw cheques in favor of the “Ilma Educational Foundation” or directly debit/deposit in the bank accounts dedicated to the said Funds, namely:

Bank:             Amana Bank PLC

Branch:         Main Branch

Zakath Fund Account No: 010-0000007-002

Sadaqa Fund Account No: 010-0000007-003

You may raise any questions or concerns on this matter by emailing us on [email protected] or by contacting the principal.