Ilma International Girls’ School was established in 1988 as a foundation and was the first of its kind. The School offers the British Cambridge Curriculum to students from Pre grade to A/L. It also offers the National Curriculum to students of Year 1 to A/L. The school is renowned for its academic excellence.

It helps ensure the development of versatile individuals, dedicated to understanding and practicing Islam at all times. The school curriculum provides young learners with a solid educational foundation in Languages, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Information Technology and Islam.


Section Age Group
Pre-Grade 4 years
Primary School (Year 1-6) 5 years & above
Middle School (Year 6-8) 11 years & above
High School (Year 9-12) 14 years & above

Uniform Policy

All students must be attired appropriately in the specified school uniform.

Payment Of Fees

School fees should be settled at the beginning of each term.

Leaving The School

If a student wishes to leave school early, the parent/ guardian must inform the school in advance.


The School operates canteens to provide refreshments to students. Rest assured the refreshments are Halaal and hygienic.

Security and Health

  • It is the sole responsibility of parents/guardians to ensure that the child has entered the school premises.
  • In the case of an illness or injury while in school, an attempt will be made to contact the parent or guardian, and at the same time, arrangements will be made for the child’s immediate medical attention.
  • In a situation where the child is not feeling well prior to attending school, parents/ guardians are advised to keep the child at home.